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Jasmine Michelle

My motivation for getting out of the bed every morning is knowing that I have something to contribute to every space I occupy, no matter how big or small.

A valuable lesson I've learned on life's journey is, purpose can still survive without large platforms and popular opinion but it will absolutely starve without the fuel of disciplined passion and right perspective. With that in mind, I believe that God has given each of us gifts that have the potential to unlock new levels of greatness as we grow individually and collectively in the realms we've been called to. The key is using our talents and treasures to benefit the whole of us, a lot like puzzle pieces coming together to complete a picture that is much bigger than you and I.


My puzzle pieces happen to be writing and storytelling, with the hope of it driving change through the process of self-discovery, healing, and hope. But perhaps, my greatest puzzle piece is equipping and encouraging multiple generations of women to become effective leaders in their desired areas of expertise. By providing professional coaching and leadership development to enhance the skills and preparedness for the next torchbearers is a gift to this world, and the generations to follow, that I'll be the most proud of and will find the greatest peace in.

Here's A Glimpse of What Awaits

& a space where you can create your own experience around empowerment.


Blessed is she who believed that The Lord would fulfill His promises to her. ~Luke 1:45 


Everything Is Optional 
But Jesus

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Checking Boxes

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Private Celebrations

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Building Community

Understanding how isolating the process of elevation can be, we provide a platform and space to grow your personal leadership network and create a community with like-minded women who can bring added value to your progress through their own shared experiences and growth opportunities. 

Monthly Motivational Newsletter

An extra dose of inspiration goes a long way, sharing a link can change someone’s entire life. Sometimes we feel like an outsider because no one else is sharing their story. The Network’s Monthly Newsletter will share additional channels of information and material that are available to develop you, while also highlighting the women who are sparking change and leaving their mark as effective leaders of today. 
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Resources & Tools

Implementing curricula designed by two transformational leaders, members will get to enjoy modules that include instructional videos, study guides, and workbook activities that aid in constructing a clear path that promotes optimal growth in one’s unique style of leadership that aligns with their climb. 


The reviews are in, and this is what they’re saying


Jasmine is an amazing leader and a champion for women! She has a unique gift for recognizing an individual's unique strengths, guiding others, and creating meaningful experiences. Her thoughtful approach to her work is incredible!" 

Demetra Brown

The Leader Whisperer

"Jasmine’s writing inspires everyone to truly live out James 1:2 and “count it all joy.” She is real, relevant, and relational. She captivates her readers by providing the perfect balance of logic and light that encourages the world to be all that God called you to be.” 

Erica Taylor 


Owner /Lead Therapist
Taylormade Counseling Services


Ansley Carlisle_Headshot.jpg

"The hallmark of Jasmine’s leadership is her dynamic communication. She consistently brings clarity, energy, and intention to every engagement she has with others. As a result, anyone who interacts with her leaves feeling motivated and inspired."

Ansley Carlisle

Associate at Mark Cuban Companies 

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