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Leadership &
Legacy Network
For Women

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From the woman running her own business to the woman navigating her way into the boardroom, we have the tools you need to expand your reach.

The Leadership and Legacy Network is a membership-based community that equips women of color to effectively lead, drive impact, and build influence. We create professional development opportunities, live events, and curated content to help our members grow at a pace that is right for them with career pathway trainings and one-on-ones by accomplished strategist. 

We are guided by five core values, which are:

Authenticity .  Accountability .  Sociability . Generosity  .  Empathy


Standard Membership

Receive the monthly motivational newsletter with additional resources and tools and more...


Gold Membership

Receive 24/7 access to exclusively curated content with instructional videos, study guides, workbooks, and more...

 Ready for Interactive Group Workshops?

For a blended learning experience, we will occasionally do live and in-person workshops for all members, to create a space for interaction and group discussion. We believe this added element will keep our leaders engaged and inspired by the work their peers are doing to continue driving impact and build influence. 

Workshops coming in 2023

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