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Engage & Experience

We don't host events. We design experiences. Our Team aims to empower by bringing women into a room where they are being equipped to lead by example, not just in words but by action.

Quarterly Events are a sweet spot for The Leadership and Legacy Network. Every event has its own special features, with the working woman in mind. We aren’t just bringing women into a room for casual networking. Everything is done on purpose and with purpose. It’s about establishing an atmosphere of community, connection, and character building. 
2019 Power & Purpose Launch Party

This is where it all began, the first year this vision was birthed. Years, later, we are bringing even more brilliant minds together to expand our mission and nourish this network until we see it bloom into its fullest potential.

She’s A Vibe
Upcoming Networking Event)

Let's come together to redefine what it really means to lead in the areas you truly love, as we make a toast to the next era of women who are fire starters, trailblazers, and world changers.

 Southern Holiday Hospitality (Date Will Be Provided)

The gift of giving is never ending. Here at the Leadership and Legacy Network for Women, it is incredibly important that we lean into one of our most important core values, generosity.

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