Everything is Optional but Jesus

You know why people keep handling you like you’re their last option? It’s because you keep treating them as if they’re your only one. Stop being people’s fall back, the alternative, the placeholder, the emergency plan, the desperate selection. See, you don’t want to choose what’s choosing you. That’s the real conversation y’all keep wanting to avoid. I don’t care if we’ve been friends since childhood, I’ll remove and replace you with someone who has solid character before I deal with an undercover hater that doesn’t belong in my next chapter. I wouldn’t care if we were dating or married for decades, I’ll never normalize disrespect when I have my full love on display. It doesn’t matter if I’ve given my best talents to a company, I’m going where my hard work is appreciated and compensated. I owe no one years of my life in exchange for lowball offers and false security. I have no problem tithing and serving at a church that is centered on God but I will not worship performative preaching and large platforms. Doesn’t matter if I invest my life’s savings into a business, I’ll tear it down and rebuild it before I lose sight of my purpose chasing profit or make deals with shady people. Because one thing about the God I serve, His promises are premium. You only have to settle when it was never meant to be yours. You aren’t “regular” so stop acting like you can relate. You haven’t even begun to touch the surface of what God has for you, yet you’re still reaching for the cheapest thing on the menu. Go just as hard for yourself as you do to be supported and accepted by somebody else. As far as I'm concerned, EVERYTHING is optional but Jesus.

That person or thing you keep wrestling with God to keep is somebody else’s lesson or blessing that they need. You’re unable to receive because you refuse to release. The moment I stopped waiting for my circumstances to change, I realized that I wasn’t even pursuing the best choice. We have to remind ourselves that according to Ephesians 2:10, we are God’s masterpieces. He would never ask us to settle for the bare minimum. Stand on the desires you deserve and you’ll encounter more individuals who can meet the demand.

God created mankind in his own image. (Genesis 1:27) Built in the likeness of a King, dripping in royalty, let everything you reach for resemble who you are a representation of. There’s variety and value that comes with raising your standards. Lead every area of your life with this in mind and you’ll get the most out of what you’ve sown.

Jasmine Michelle